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  • "Kathy Schubitz of RPJ & Company and I are acquainted through a mutual friend. She has always proved invaluable at her job as publisher and oftentimes has been a friend that has ..."
    Aileen Walther, Deacon & Author
  • "When I finally agreed to publish my book of poetry (Christian Devotional), I was impressed with the creative ability shown by Kathy Schubitz during the publishing process. She ..."
    Patricia Elston, Published Author
  • "My experience in working with Kathy has been a joyful adventure! Her faith drives her spirit of excellence in production. Her eye for detail, her expertise in what it takes to t..."
    Candy Smith, Published Author

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About Aileen Walther

Deacon Aileen Pallister Walther is the Director of the Center for Christian Women’s Spirituality, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women through education, service and fund raising in the areas of domestic violence and other kinds of outreach. One of these areas is a bookstore/tea room/gift shop named after Lydia, the seller of purple and first European convert to Christianity, in addition to being the leader of a women’s prayer group in Philippi, Greece. Lydia’s Place is a cozy place to peruse books, have tea with lunch, and attend a book signing of a local or more distant author. Aileen has been a writer since she can remember, and is the editor and principle author of Writing Your Life Story with God as Your Guide.

She led a journal writing group and discussion group on women in the Bible while serving as a deacon at Holy Family Episcopal Church in Orlando, Florida. She is also one of the writers and the editor of The Alpha and Omega of Spiritual Journal Writing, The Icebreaker for Opening Memories of Your Life, God’s People in Prayer, 32 Women of Influence in the Bible, and Women Remembered in Scripture and Today (on 52 women). Deacon Aileen is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary and a student at the University of South’s in the School of Theology. She lives in Sanford with her two birds.