Incurable Word Sleuth at the Market

Posted by JoAnne French on January 2, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Incurable Word Sleuth at the Market

Shopping brings interesting things into the Word Sleuth’s collection of grammar goofs.One famous one seen often in shops and boutiques: We are the premiere source of...(you name it).  Wrong. My crutch on this: Premiere is fancier with its extra e, reminding me that dressing fancy is appropriate for a premiere...opening night or first showing of something. e at the used for any other distinctive item or place. During my typesetting career, fully two years was spent convincing our lead salesman that his main client was NOT the premiere time share community of south Orlando. He finally acquiesced...fulfilling another dictum of mine. The importance of correcting something has no relation to how many people will notice it is wrong!

A product label at the health food store: “Gensoy makes it easy to enjoy health benefits of soy protein everyday....” If you enjoy something on a regular basis it might be every day, two words. The one-word everyday is an adjective, such as referring to everyday needs, or everyday routines.

Completing shopping with just a small basket, you might proceed to the express lane where they insist on 10 items or less please. FEWER is the appropriate word if it is anything you can count as opposed to measuring.


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