Incurable Word Sleuth at the Computer

Posted by JoAnne French on January 30, 2012 at 7:15 PM

Incurable Word Sleuth at the Computer


This is a favorite find in recent times, proving the adage about being able to write on the internet not meaning that one should do so.


This was from someone's notes about an upcoming media launch. The piece informed the reader to be sure to "keep you're eye's pealed".


Is there a way to misspell keep? The way some people's misspelling goes, one out of four may be okay!


In my constant focus on spelling, a memory returned about an observation about how we should spell FISH: GHOTI.


That is the F sound of GH in enouGH.

Then the short I sound as the O in wOmen.

And lastly, the SH sound as the TI in naTIon.




Is it any wonder we have trouble with our spelling? All the more reason to be sure you have a good Word Sleuth on your side when writing!

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