Incurable Word Sleuth at the Radio

Posted by JoAnne French on February 27, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Even my favorite local gospel radio station sometimes gets curious notice from the Word Sleuth. Three common blips come to mind.


The most frequent is in the traffic news, when we are warned about an earlier crash. What other kind are there? Can they tell us about the crash that will happen later? Technically “earlier” is only needed when a second accident is sadly caused by traffic snarl from a...yes, earlier...crash. If there is just one is not  “earlier”.


Then there are promotional invitations about schools or academies. They tell us about observing classes, eating in the dining hall, and participating in the fellowship of the special campus. And then they tell us to attend the prospective parent seminars. Gramatically, those words give a picture of a very pregnant lady and perhaps a nervous husband. STUDENTS are the prospects in this campus situation.


A very pleasant voice with a quality of sunshine is a daily visitor, discussing matters of health and nutrition. Quite often her comments refer to avoiding or substituting better choices for items with large quantities of sugar. Unless the sugar can be counted, as sugar cubes in a cup of coffee, the correct word is amount...something measured not counted.


Despite the occasional blips, Z88 is still the best place for a good positive outlook for our day!




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