Incurable Word Sleuth in Greek Class

Posted by JoAnne French on March 5, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Incurable Word Sleuth in Greek Class

My New Testament Greek professor would be ever so proud that a major point of his was learned well, and also firmly remembered several decades after his class.


He was discussing how in all languages it is imperative to have exact and correct use of a word for the intended meaning to be clear. His memorable example was Matthew 19:26 where Jesus told His disciples...but with God all things are possible.


This is an often-quoted verse of promise and power, but in our language the original message can hide. In the English dictionary there are dozens of grammatical slants to uses of with. In remembering the Matthew verse, most will tend to interpret a meaning related to using God or His power. Similar examples of this: with this hammer my project can be completed, or with this new appliance my cooking will be easier.


But the with God of Matthew 19 was the Greek word para in the dative case which means in the presence of. So the original text means not a use of God, but rather with, in the presence of, God.


When we seek the presence of God in our lives, indeed all things are possible!




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