Bring On The Giants! by Pastor Mark Little

Posted by Kathleen Schubitz on March 14, 2012 at 12:05 AM


Bring On The Giants!

By Pastor Mark Littl


"And it was so, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hastened and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine" (1 Samuel 17:48).


DEVOTIONAL READING: 1 Samuel 17:40-58


    When I see a snake, I run from it. When there are storms, I seek shelter. When I confront danger, I seek a place of safety. And, when I face giants in my life and I run to them and say "bring them on!"


    The last part of the previous paragraph does not line up with the rest of it. The majority of the paragraph refers to avoiding danger while the last part of it refers to confronting it. That was the case with David. King Saul and all of Israel were afraid of the Philistines, primarily Goliath, and did not challenge them. David, on the other hand, was weary of the oppression and suffering caused by the Philistines. He said in 1 Samuel 17:29, ""Is there not a cause?" Furthermore, his faith in God was strong and he knew above any shadow of a doubt that God would protect him and give him the victory (1 Samuel 17:46). Therefore, he ran toward the giant to take him on. All the rest of Israel saw nothing but impending doom. David, on the other hand, saw nothing but impending victory! Many told David that the giant was so big that he could not take him down. David, on the other hand, said that the giant was so big that he could not miss hitting him with his slingshot!


    Everyone has "giants" in their lives to deal with. For some, it is some type of addiction. For others, there are medical issues. Some have great financial needs while others have turbulent family situations. Some are facing "giants" in their local churches due to a lack of unity, financial needs, or the inability to grow. Regardless of the "giant" you are facing, now is not the time to run from it. Rather, now is the time to run to it. David had the opinion that the sooner the "giant" was conquered the sooner Israel would be liberated from the Philistines. By the same token, the sooner we conquer our "giants," the sooner we can be free the oppression they place on our lives.


    Giants? Bring them on! If our faith in God is strong, they cannot conquer us. If we are relying on the finished work of Jesus Christ at the cross, victory is inevitable. Therefore, for healing, believe God one more time! For revival and growth in your church, preach one more sermon, give one more altar call, and say one more prayer! For peace in your family, call on the Lord one more to speak peace to it! For personal provisions, look to Jehova Jireh one more time! Run toward your giants, for surely the sooner you conquer them the sooner you can enjoy the abundant life that Jesus has promised you (John 10:10).


    We all have giants to face. And, I declare in the power of Jesus' name that they are coming down! Giants? Bring on the giants! God is with us and He will deliver them into our hands! I believe that with all of my heart.


    Do you?



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