Pools of Blessing for Tisquantum and Us

Posted by JoAnne French on June 4, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Pools of Blessing for Tisquantum and Us

When they walk through the Valley of Weeping
it will become a place of refreshing springs
where pools of blessing collect after the rains!


These Psalm 84 words (NLT) form a precious and vivid picture of God’s care in stormy times, and how He brings ultimate good though we may not see it through our umbrella... or maybe even for a long time after the rain.

Consider the story of Tisquantum, a very early American resident. He and other young boys were kidnapped from their burning village to be sold for twenty pounds each, with fish and corn, upon the raiders’ return to Spain. Local friars persuaded Tisquantum’s captors to let them instruct the boys about Christian faith.

Tisquantum’s path later led to London where he worked in the home of a shipbuilder. Through that family’s compassion, he learned more about God, and about the English language.

Because of the shipbuilder, Tisquantum participated in an expedition to Newfoundland. After failures and a return trip to England he eventually found his way back to his original home on our east coast. His village was still a vacant shell, and a virulent plague had killed most of his people.

Tisquantum’s capture and a plan to sell him into slavery had kept him from that fate...but there was far more in God’s wonderful design! Tisquantum eventually lived with new residents who called his village area Plymouth. He taught the people special ways to cultivate crops they needed. He taught them how to fish, and which of their catch should be fertilizer instead of food. He became guide and translator when settlers sought peace with surrounding natives.

Those Plymouth residents, one of my ancestors included, made it through those first tough winters because of the friendship, wisdom, guidance and help of Tisquantum.

In the storms of that man’s life his family and village were taken, slavery loomed, hard work abounded in strange foreign lands and on ships at sea. But after his storms, how much of our nation’s life and history can be traced to success of those early settlers? How did all that terrible rain in Tisquantum’s life bring pools of blessing into ours?

JoAnne French



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