Words to Speak

Posted by Kathleen Schubitz on August 9, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Last month during a ministry meeting we learned that principles are set in motion by the words we speak (those which come out of our mouth!)

We were encouraged to speak to our body every day--every organ, including the blood and cells to line up with the Word of God

When we speak curses over ourselves, loved ones, friends or those we don't know, it is always accompanied by sin and death. And, mountains can be removed by the words from our mouths.

So, what should we speak?  I'm glad you asked. Below is a guide to speak life and blessing over ourselves, families and friends:

Is is TRUE?
Is it KIND?

If the answer is yes, then speak. If NOT, then don't speak. Words can harm or bless... which ones will you choose this day?

Shared by one of my favorite leaders... Linda Markowitz. If you'd like to learn more about Linda or get on her mailing list, visit: www.lindamarkowitz.com.


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