Incurable Word Sleuth at the Bank

Posted by JoAnne French on January 9, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Incurable Word Sleuth at the Bank

There are three very common errors in the banking realm...perhaps not made by bank personnel themselves, but people in related services. These are what my son calls repetitive redundancies, illustrating the point with this ungrammatical description.

People may ask where the ATM machine is, or complain about its operation. Or, signs at convenience stores inform us the the ATM machine is inside.

Then at the ATM the user may be instructed either by sign or on the system to enter a PIN number.

Forms dealing with financial assets may ask for listing of all IRA accounts.

Repetitive redundancies indeed! M of ATM already means machine; N of PIN already means number; and A of IRA already means account. These everyday errors remind us to continue scanning our writing carefully to weed out the incorrect and unneeded words!

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