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Reply batdzlglow
9:30 PM on September 21, 2017 
url= says...
gabloty wystawiennicze
- The Importance Of Umbrellas For School Going Kids

While it is very difficult to define poetry, it may be said that poetry will be the language from the heart. The words in poetry express the innermost feelings which we percieve and experience. What is marvelous about this art is always that each one can draw their own interpretation about the same pair of words. They are usually brimming with worldly wisdom along with the reader often connects with the contents since they believe that the poetry and its particular words are specific on their feelings and circumstances.

A message proves a concept, they crossed our minds at all; ones written may be kept close, when our memories recall. In times of need and pain, when hearts and souls are torn; many new plans then are laid and resolutions then are sworn. Don't take with no consideration everyday; think about others watching what you say. The where's along with the how's,the what along with the when; a thought could mean a lot, so send a card that's penned. Many wise words around, it's difficult to know where you can peek; Look at friendship-poems-quotes and you'll find some that you just seek. Wishes, sayings, proverbs all, verses, poems and quotes; all will help you in your quest and can help you write your note. Whether letter or card or note, inspiration is there ready just for you; it has always been true you realize, a problem solved by sharing it with two.

My Sons and Daughters actively take time for this reception committ totally for this inception. The Holy Ghost, The Almighty: this breath of life have given conception. My Sons and Daughters you're pregnant with twins: Inhale and Exhale, bring about and provide birth. Multiply breathing, Take dominion, replinish the planet earth here is your season. Put an end to all doubt, unbelief and fear, extend your neck, fine tune� your ear, breathe-inhale deeply, be attentive and hear, obey the Lord and live. My promises are true and shall come about, my blessing shall continue: you're Abraham's seed one does belong.

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Exhale forcibly this breath of life, it violently blows hard against all strife, it shatters the darkness and strikes a deadly blow against all�evil. Exhale destroy the principalities, dominions of chaos, void and unholiness. This breath of life grow stronger plus much more fierce blasting through all satanic rule, this breath of life did pierce., giving sound, a voice, a thing did take form: BE, and this breath of life is light for you and then for me.
Reply Danny Barber
7:49 PM on January 8, 2012 
Kathy, the website is
Reply Kathleen Schubitz
6:30 PM on January 8, 2012 
Thanks for following us! Feel free to share with others who would enjoy our information, books, events, and/or need our services.
Regarding the writing course, if you can provide the site (url), we can make it available to others, too.
See you online... Kathy
Reply Danny Barber
6:00 PM on January 8, 2012 
Dear Kathy, the woman and author of the writing course i am taking is Sally Odgers of England
Reply Danny Barber
5:30 PM on January 8, 2012 
Hi Kathy, this site is wonderful. I am so glad God put me in contact with you. I hope I find many new friends in the field of writing and maybe, I too, can help some else with some of my own experiences in the army or Disney.
Reply Kathleen Schubitz
10:14 PM on November 20, 2011 
Thanks, Phyllis!

It's nice to have you online to support and connect with new writers.

Reply Phyllis Frediani
10:06 PM on November 20, 2011 
Hi Kathy, this site is beautiful and has some interesting subjects. Thanks for the
Reply Kathleen Schubitz
2:45 PM on November 9, 2011 

It will take a couple of weeks to show up on Amazon (sometimes sooner), but it is available for purchase through our website.

Terry and I are both happy with it... I hope everyone will enjoy it!

Reply Rhonda
2:08 PM on November 9, 2011 
When will my Mom's book be available for order? Her name is Edris Cassida