Quotes I would like to take this time to say, "thank you" to Kathy. I recently wrote my first book "A Second Chance". I reached out to her for editing services and her work and professionalism were phenomenal. Not only did she do a fantastic job, her years of experience and advice have led me to be a better writer. I truly will recommend RPJ & Company to my family and friends. God bless you always! Quotes
Prophetess Angie Williams, Author of A Second Chance

Quotes RPJ recently published my first book. I am pleased with the whole experience from scanning, editing, proofreading to layout and cover design, leading to the final published reality. I recommend RPJ & Company to anyone who is seeking an excellent finished work. Quotes
Jessie Crockett

Quotes When I finally agreed to publish my book of poetry (Christian Devotional), I was impressed with the creative ability shown by Kathy Schubitz during the publishing process. She is not only gifted with layout and design, but does an excellent job of editing. If you are looking for editorial services and a quality layout & design, I would be pleased to recommend RPJ & Company. - Casselberry, FL Quotes
Patricia Elston, Published Author

Quotes It is not every day that you meet such a beautiful, charming and talented young woman as Kathleen Schubitz. If the Lord blesses you and enables you to work with her, then you should consider yourself most fortunate. She has a multitude of gifts and talents and is well-able to blend her wisdom and knowledge with your message. Your book will be improved by her light touch. My book sat dormant for many years until Kathleen saw the merit and confirmed what God had already told me. She will encourage you over the rough spots and in all aspects of her business dealings you will find her truly a professional. - Winter Park, FL Quotes
Jane Wittbold, Published Author

Quotes My experience in working with Kathy has been a joyful adventure! Her faith drives her spirit of excellence in production. Her eye for detail, her expertise in what it takes to turn out a quality book, and her helpful ability to communicate publishing issues that are new to me, were all a welcomed relief. Kathy has become more than a publisher to me...she has become my friend. - Lebanon, OH Quotes
Candy Smith, Published Author

Quotes My husband and I met Kathy Schubitz in 2003 through ministry and our experience with her as a publisher has been nothing less than the very best. She is a woman of honesty, integrity and professionalism. She cares about people and the reputation of her company as well as those of her clients. She?s always been courteous, caring and friendly, and as a business woman, diligent and reliable in her work. The book project she began was finished quickly and beyond our expectations. Her work is always done with a spirit of excellence. We worked with her during the last six years and I would highly recommend RPJ & Company for any book-publishing project. - Lakeland, FL Quotes
Randy (Linda) Newberry, Published Author

Quotes Kathy, it has been such a pleasure working with you to prepare Abundant Comfort and Grace for publication. I have no doubt that God led me to find you to publish this book. His grace has been abundantly evident through the beauty that has continued to grow as you put together the poems and photos with your creative design. The time and effort you put into designing the cover makes it shine with beauty and I'm sure will draw the reader in to experience the comfort and grace shared within. Your attention to detail, patience and caring Christian spirit combine with your talents and experience to produce a high quality book that gives glory to God. I am pleased to recommend your services to others for their publishing needs. - North Carolina Quotes
Connie Arnold, Published Author

Quotes When I had the basic components of my calendar, I had a choice to make. Who will be the best publisher? Among my choices, I selected Kathy Schubitz. First, she is a writer with a heart for God. Second, she maintains the highest standards of quality in publishing her own work as well as the work of her clients. Because she is a writer with experience in all phases of preparing a work for worldwide distribution, she brings talents together that many publishers could not. For example, she can assist in editing to improve the flow and meaning to a poem without changing the voice or tone. If problems arise, she will communicate with her client to obtain the best solution possible. When you desire uncompromising quality in the publication of your creative work, I highly recommend RPJ & Company as your first choice! - Longwood, FL Quotes
Margaret J. Everett, Artist & Author

Quotes Kathy, you have done an incredibly great job in formatting my book and designing the cover. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate your extra effort in getting the finished books to me before this Art Fest. Thank you so much for "going the extra mile". Meeting and working with you has been one of the finest blessings God has bestowed on me. - Altamonte Springs, FL Quotes
Daphne Frutchey, Self Published Author

Quotes Kathy Schubitz of RPJ & Company and I are acquainted through a mutual friend. She has always proved invaluable at her job as publisher and oftentimes has been a friend that has helped our ministry in times of need. I would recommend her work as a publisher for any print design project. She has always made herself available to meet our needs with little to no notice of last minute requests for design and print jobs. If you have a job that needs to be done now, she?s the ?right now? business woman anyyone would appreciate the opportunity to work with. - Winter Park, Florida Quotes
Aileen Walther, Deacon & Author