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Abundant Comfort and Grace

If you enjoy reading the longest book in the bible, Psalms, you'll love this short and sweet extension :)

The beautiful photographs by Gary Strader elevates to a higher ground the warmth and passion for God's Glory introduced in each poem. My pooch, Elvis, says he now reads poems too...? I think it has something to do with the image of - what he claims is his eagle - on the front cover...?

My favorite section is "God's Comforting Presence." But I must confess, I LOVED the ending of first verse of the poem, "Think Before You Speak."

This poem collection is a perfect gift for someone you love dearly. 

Rudi London - Author 
Nashville, TX

Simply beautiful poetry. That's what Connie Arnold offers in Abundant Comfort and Grace. It's a little book with a big return. Each page offers something different: encouragement for the discouraged; a mustard seed of faith for those who find theirs lacking; a roadmap to implicit trust, for the reader who has trouble letting go and letting God; a bright glimmer of hope for the hopeless. Connie's own relationship with her heavenly Father shines through every verse, spills out of the pages, and wraps itself around the reader's heart like a warm, loving hug.

Any lack of cadence and poetic form (based on official literary rules and guidelines) becomes unimportant when one reads the heart of the writer...and I get the feeling that's what this writer intended. Every verse is saturated with sincerity, conviction, and an almost tangible desire to uplift and encourage.

Each poem is accompanied by Gary Strader's gorgeous photography. The heart-stirring poetry, combined with striking photos, make Abundant Comfort and Grace a lovely book to add to any poetry collection.

I can't imagine anyone being untouched by Connie Arnold's writing. Keep this one handy--you'll reach for it more than once. 

Delia Latham
Inspirational Romance Author
Okmulgee, OK)

Abundantly open to and inspired by The Spirit, Connie Arnold has again touched the mind and heart of the reader of her poetry in her third and possibly best yet book. Every poem speaks to experiences and feelings we all encounter in our walk through life, reminding us that The Source of strength and comfort is always with us. Evidence of This Presence is further beautifully illustrated in this volume by Gary Strader's photographs of God's creation. Abundant Comfort and Grace lends itself to peaceful moments of reflection and meditation.

Juleen Olson
July 10, 2010