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  • "It is not every day that you meet such a beautiful, charming and talented young woman as Kathleen Schubitz. If the Lord blesses you and enables you to work with her, then you sh..."
    Jane Wittbold, Published Author
  • "Kathy, you have done an incredibly great job in formatting my book and designing the cover. I cannot thank you enough. I appreciate your extra effort in getting the finished bo..."
    Daphne Frutchey, Self Published Author
  • "I would like to take this time to say, "thank you" to Kathy. I recently wrote my first book "A Second Chance". I reached out to her for editing services and her work and profes..."
    Prophetess Angie Williams, Author of A Second Chance

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...In His Presence

Prepare to find yourself in the Lord's presence. In the deepest, darkest of times, the author offers the reader consistent hope in finding truth. The journey into freedom is painted throughout the author's thought-provoking trials, where her Savior could be found and praised, even when the journey had not yet ended. Plan to be inspired to walk in those precious moments of clarity and relief. Be encouraged as you soak In His Presence.  

Wandra Melnick
Orlando, Florida

In this thought-provoking collection of poetry and prose, Kathy takes us into her private world of intimate moments with her Savior. Through her special gift with words, she shares lessons learned during her personal journey - from being a victim to becoming victorious through the Lord. You will be inspired by her challenge to reach for a higher purpose. If you want to draw closer to the Lord and rekindle the flame of the Holy Spirit in your heart, read this book. You will find yourself encouraged, enthused, and ...In His Presence. 

Donna Jean DeBard

Author Kathleen Schubitz's ... In His Presence, a book of Christian inspirational poetry will enrich the lives of its readers. The book touches on love, loss, freedom and promise, and is chock full of elegantly-crafted affirmations for the soul and spirit. Ms. Schubitz draws upon her breadth of experience in tragedy, healing, forgiveness and redemption to provide readers with a valuable resource to employ in their daily pursuits of peace and inspiration.

The book is a timeless treasure to be slowly reflected upon and referenced as a trusted companion. Each poem was written by Ms. Schubitz and followed by a passage of scripture, and the entire work is indexed with titles and their scriptural references. The poetry is backed with colorful, tranquil images of art and nature, and each page illustrates a daily affirmation of faith, courage, hope and much more.

The book sets itself apart from other works of healing or inspiration in that it is not intended for a prolonged read. It is to be taken in nuggets - a praise, a prayer, a promise - each to be savored and reinforced over time. There are many wonderful souls in need of a reassuring voice, and a voice of experience. This is my introduction to the most healing voice of all, and a road map down the path to holiness.

Bob Deakin
Orlando, FL