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You Are Loved

Bob Deakin from Florida: “The words in your book, You Are Loved, read like scripture, sing like a song, pull on the heart strings and most of all inspire the reader to take a step closer to God.”


Vieda Baker from Oregon: “Your book is a precious work of rhymes and stories that inspire, give sweet notes of joy and spread the grace of God on us like the richest, thickest chocolate. The color pictures are beautiful and the content is rich and nourishes my soul.”


Gale Cento from Florida: “I love your book! It is so beautiful and it lifts my spirits and helps me find my happy place.”

Publisher RPJ & Company has done it again with the release of You Are Loved, a collection of inspirational poetry, devotionals and true stories from author Patricia Elston. The book is dedicated to those that have ever called God's love into question, providing comfort for the wounded soul and sustenance for the hungry heart, while rekindling the warmth of long lost memories.

Fortunately for the reader, the author has had no lack of faith in her thoughts and inspirations, nor lack of energy to turn them into words when the spirit hits her. She is a master of folksy charm and simple, genuine sentiment, weaving tales of the past and present while carving out a catchy rhythm with her balance of poetry and prose.

Patricia Elston strives to inspire everyone to adore the spirit that awaits them. Every word, every rhyme and every emotion in the book is filled with the love of God and the power of Christ, and she doesn't want any soul to ever doubt that they are loved.

The following passage from the book exemplifies the sentiment in You Are Loved:

God has planted a miracle seed in each person's heart
And he'll show you the way he has planned from the start
If only you'll seek him, you'll find him, I know
And he'll show you just where he wants you to go

The cover photo of the dogwood blossoms on You Are Loved was chosen as a metaphor representing the gentleness of the Lord and the tenderness of his love. The not-quite opened blossoms represent the need to open hearts to the love of God. You Are Loved opens the heart to let the love flow through, filtering out the long-held doubts and stresses of life, allowing them to float away.

Bob Deakin
Orlando, FL
May 17, 2010

You Are Loved is a visual delight from cover to cover. Each section is illustrated with full color photos and heartfelt experiences, bringing the author's poetic messages to life. The book truly expresses the over-arching theme of God's unfailing love.

Thank you for such a beautiful book!

Margaret J. Everett, Author/Artist/Teacher
Orlando, Florida
February 3, 2010

I love the book! It is very uplifting and I ordered more to share with friends. God's love comes shining through, in down to earth joys and sorrows. God's love for each of us, and our thankfulness is presented beautifully.

Maxine Leiler
January 18, 2010