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Finding Purpose after Abuse

Finding Purpose after Abuse demonstrates the consoling truth like no other story I have ever read that faith comes from God. Kathy learned through trials and trauma to let God lead her, share her pain, and heal her from what should have destroyed her. This isn’t merely a book for those who have experienced sexual abuse. As the sub-title implies, it is “inspiration for all those seeking freedom from their past.” Whether we are damaged by drugs and alcohol, by broken homes and broken hearts, or by the wrong choices we or other’s in our lives have made, Kathy’s book has words of wisdom to give us the strength and comfort we need to purposefully let God change our lives. This incredible journey, this memoir in poetry and narration, is a God-send to those of us who suffer and carry baggage from painful experiences. Its pertinent Bible verses are especially helpful to those like me who are not so familiar with the Bible. Kathy has done the work for us – providing the most affirming passages of God’s love and guidance. In addition, Kathy gives us a list of resources as well as an alphabetical index of scripture by subject. There is an even longer list of help and support on her web-site: Finding Purpose after Abuse is a book to read and re-read as well as a helpful book to share with friends who are in need...

Candy Smith
May 22, 2010 

This book directs those suffering the deep wounds of sexual, physical and verbal abuse to the loving word of God. As the author states in her book, Finding Purpose after Abuse, God's word is true, you can accept the reality of your past and present experiences and know that He has promised to be your strength, your healer, and your eternal hope of glory!

Nancy Allen
May 13, 2010

From one survivor of sexual abuse to another, Finding Purpose after Abuse has truly impacted my life to a point of no return, to find and keep walking in my purpose of life that God has for me. It has encouraged my deepest thoughts on the way I talk to the Lord and I listen so carefully for His direction. I want to please God so much while I\'m here on earth and the only way I know He\'s smiling at me is when I can bless someone else without thinking about what\'s in store for me. The author has shown me how to stay on the path of righteousness. I recommend this book to women and young ladies searching for help and strength in God, as well as in themselves.

Sandra Walker
Christian Counselor, Orlando, Florida
February 3, 2010 

Finding Purpose after Abuse is a very well written book. I really like the unique way Kathleen Schubitz chose to highlight the scriptures at the side of each page. The prayers at the end of each chapter are potentially life-changing. This is a book you could put down in a public place and any child that picked it up would not understand the abuse he or she would be reading about. However, it is perfectly clear to any young or mature adult. Highly recommended for any kind of abuse survivor.

Melva Bradley
former County Service Coordinator for the Child Abuse Prevention Project
December 4, 2009 

Kathleen “Kathy” Schubitz is herself inspiring as she walks with the Lord through numerous difficulties in running a business. Her true business is ministering the healing Word of God through her personal testimony and especially through her book, Finding Purpose after Abuse. In this book she draws upon her own destructive experiences and events from the lives of others. The reader will find provocative, powerful poetry interspersed among the pages. The scriptures, salted liberally throughout the book, identify and quote passages that the reader can meditate upon for personal healing. This is not a chronological biography to be read like a novel. It is a manual for the reader to study, one segment or chapter at a time, for the encouragement to be gleaned from one woman’s successful struggle to emerge from the bondage of confusing and demeaning treatment by other people throughout one’s life. The natural life is a process and so, too, is a life in Christ. While she has received good teaching from a number of sources, it is Kathy’s personal synthesis of what she has learned, deep in her heart’s core, that is the real message of this book. From my own perspective, I believe that her insights are correct as she incorporates God’s word into her life- day by day. I recommend this book for anyone suffering from abuse of any kind, or someone who simply needs to know more about it and be assured that “With God, all things are possible.”

Margaret J. Everett
Teacher, Author, Artist Inspirational Creations by Margi
September 21, 2009

Kathleen Schubitz's book, Finding Purpose after Abuse is a powerful personal testimony as well as an inspirational gift to those who have survived abusive relationships from early youth into adulthood. Highlighting the power of Jesus Christ and interventions on her behalf by the Holy Spirit, Ms. Schubitz provides the reader with Bible verses, inspirational suggestions and insightful helps to those seeking the Lord\'s guidance and comfort during and after heart-rending episodes of physical, mental, and spiritual abuse too many people endure. Notably, the portion of the book addressing recovery, \"Living With Purpose,\" highlights eleven key principles: praise, acceptance, healing, forgiveness, honesty, responsibility, trust, obedience, faithfulness, honor, and wisdom. Scriptures are offered to the reader as an encouragement for enlightenment as to the foundational aspects of these eleven life-giving encouragements on the readers\' journey to fulfillment and health. I recommend this book as a foundational read to anyone who finds themselves in a place of confusion or discouragement resulting from the abuse of others at any time in their lives, particularly in childhood. I offer kudos to Ms. Schubitz for sharing her candid insights, hope, strength, and ongoing story of recovery with us all.

R.M. Cuthbert Author, Lecturer, Writing Mentor
July 8, 2009

Sister Kathy's story of praising and trusting God through all the abuse has inspired me greatly. If any woman (or man) can come through victoriously like she has, many of life\'s trials and tribulations are so insignificant by comparison. Finding Purpose after Abuse will truly inspire the hearts for all those wanting to overcome life\'s hurts, disappointments, and challenges.

Lorine Burton Tampa, FL
March 31, 2008

The road of life is a long and winding process, often taking violent and cruel turns, which lead to hurt and destruction. The author\'s journey from darkness into the light is a miraculous and inspiring one. The reader is captured and gets to ride along. We (as readers) are able to see the mighty works of God as we travel with her on her journey to peace and deliverance. A good read!

Bishop Gary Parson
Redemption Life Ministries Haskell, OK
March 25, 2008

What a wonderful book! Though I have never suffered as a victim of abuse, describing the benefits of this book is difficult to put into words. The author so intimately and exquisitely wrote about her tragedies, yet at the same time, touched my heart with the purity and her love relationship with her Heavenly Father. For all who have experienced any type of suffering, I highly recommend this book!

Jolly Jensen Orlando, FL
March 24, 2008 

Kathy gives hope and offers strength to women that have suffered at the hands of others. As a survivor, her openness and faith ultimately show that God is greater than our pain and suffering. Highly recommended for abuse survivors and their families.

Marcia Freespirit Author, Gladwoman CEO JimSam Inc. Publishing
Abuse Survivor
February 10, 2008

In response to an email about donations, so far the Safehouse representative for Seminole County declares, "a great book!"

Rep, Safehouse of Seminole
February 2, 2008