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  • "When I had the basic components of my calendar, I had a choice to make. Who will be the best publisher? Among my choices, I selected Kathy Schubitz. First, she is a writer with ..."
    Margaret J. Everett, Artist & Author
  • "RPJ recently published my first book. I am pleased with the whole experience from scanning, editing, proofreading to layout and cover design, leading to the final published real..."
    Jessie Crockett
  • "When I finally agreed to publish my book of poetry (Christian Devotional), I was impressed with the creative ability shown by Kathy Schubitz during the publishing process. She ..."
    Patricia Elston, Published Author

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...In His Presence

Contact:                                                                         For Immediate Release

Kathleen Schubitz
RPJ & Company, Inc.
Orlando, Florida
407-551-0734 / 407-617-3111


Enriching Lives through Poetic Inspiration

Orlando, FL – Feb. 8, 2010 – Author Kathleen Schubitz is pleased to announce the release of …In His Presence , a book of Christian inspirational poetry to enrich the lives of its readers. The book touches on love, loss, freedom and promise, and is filled with elegantly-crafted affirmations for the soul and spirit. Ms. Schubitz draws upon her breadth of experience in tragedy, healing, forgiveness and redemption to provide readers with a valuable resource to employ in their daily pursuits of peace and inspiration.

…In His Presence is a timeless treasure to be slowly reflected upon and referenced as a trusted companion. Each poem was written by Ms. Schubitz and followed by a passage of scripture, and the entire work is indexed with titles and their scriptural references. The poetry is backed with colorful, tranquil images of art and nature, and each page illustrates a daily affirmation of faith, courage, hope and much more.

“The book sets itself apart from other works of healing or inspiration in that it is not intended for a prolonged read. It is to be taken in nuggets – a praise, a prayer, a promise – each to be savored and reinforced over time. There are many wonderful souls in need of a reassuring voice, and a voice of experience. This is my introduction to the most healing voice of all, and a road map down the path to holiness,” says Kathleen Schubitz, author of  …In His Presence

Ms. Schubitz will be appearing May 8, 2010 at the Main Library Branch in Casselberry to inaugurate the release of her new book.  …In His Presence  is available through the RPJ & Company Web site for $16.95 plus tax and shipping, as well as, Barnes & Noble and other major book sellers. The book is subtitled Intimate moments with your Savior, and it is her fifth release as an author. Each of her books is intended to help men and women achieve total freedom and forgiveness in the face of adversity while appreciating the true splendor of their given talents and abilities.

For a brief sample of the book, please follow this link to the RPJ & Company Web site.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Kathleen Schubitz has established her reputation as an author and counselor by courageously sharing her testimonies of victimization and the pursuit of freedom while discovering purpose in life. Owing to her momentous life experiences and the power of faith, she reaches out to others who have experienced similar misfortune. Ms. Schubitz has also authored Finding Purpose after Abuse, Scripture Keys to Finding Purpose after Abuse, Journal to Freedom and a previous edition of … In His Presence in addition to her work as publisher and Founder/CEO of RPJ & Company, Inc.

ABOUT RPJ & COMPANY, INC.:  RPJ & Company ( is a Christian publishing company that strives to publish quality products for every author. Its product line includes non-fiction, self-help, poetry, journals, devotionals and customized calendars. The company recently expanded its line of Christian publications to include children's books, and its products are marketed through major book sellers including, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Powell's Books and Target.