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  • "My husband and I met Kathy Schubitz in 2003 through ministry and our experience with her as a publisher has been nothing less than the very best. She is a woman of honesty, inte..."
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  • "My experience in working with Kathy has been a joyful adventure! Her faith drives her spirit of excellence in production. Her eye for detail, her expertise in what it takes to t..."
    Candy Smith, Published Author
  • "When I had the basic components of my calendar, I had a choice to make. Who will be the best publisher? Among my choices, I selected Kathy Schubitz. First, she is a writer with ..."
    Margaret J. Everett, Artist & Author

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About JoAnne French

Her lifelong love of words began in toddler years for author JoAnne French, when she was taught to read and write by her older sisters. This was possibly the earliest blooming of the famed and revered home schooling expertise of one of her sisters, Dr. Ruth Beechick, who has prolific writing footsteps to follow.

Their shared family roots are among Far Country memories recalled by JoAnne in her new book My Leis Upon the Water”. Other tales are a delightful bouquet of what she calls Angel Moment experiences intertwined with a captivating mix of humor and insightful wisdom from young and old.

One endorser raved, “A fun read for all the right reasons!” While enjoying that fun read, many may be enticed to embark upon the author’s challenge put forth in her book’s last pages: “Resulting from writing class discussion at Whitworth University, a rather singular text-editing feat has been done with this book. It will be left as a challenge... perhaps for present Whitworth students or other writers’ find and define that effort. What is missing?”

With or without finding the secret ingredient...enjoy My Leis upon the Water!