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If the Battle is the Lord's... Why Am I So Tired?

A must-read for all Christians! If you've already learned God’s marching orders for winning the battles of life, it will serve as a teacher's manual for instructing others. If you are still struggling, it will personally guide you in scriptural strategies enabling you to:

V- visualize the victory!
I- identify your weaknesses
C- cast all your cares on Him
T- take back what you have lost
O- occupy until He comes
R- rest in the Lord's promises
Y- yield your will to His

Donna Jean DeBard
Eustis, Florida
October 2011

Boy, did I need this book!.... I keep forgetting that I'm not the one in charge! Randy Newberry speaks with a gentle reassuring voice. He gives common sense interpretations of some of the most important passages of the Bible, guiding the reader into a closer relationship with God. This is a "must read" to keep on your nightstand - to turn to when the day has seemed especially difficult. Or, better yet, to read in the morning to prepare yourself for the up-coming day. Mr. Newberry nudges us back to the understanding that we have in some way separated ourselves from God's goals and from seeking His guidance. He gives examples from his own life of how issues can seem so overwhelming and yet, when we listen to what God wants us to do, and we are obedient to His command, we find living not only easier but joyful!

Candy Smith
Author, Beginning Dreamwork
May 13, 2010

Randy has woven together a marvelous tapestry of God’s Word, his interpretation of it, and the application of God’s truth. I especially liked the section about King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20:15-25. Following the Word of the Lord, the king sent forth the Levites ahead of the army, singing praises to God. The result was that the various camps of the enemies destroyed each other. The King had sought the Lord, obeyed His Word, and waited for the Lord who provided the victory. Randy makes the point that we do have responsibility to stay in relationship with the Lord, praise Him, follow his directions and get our selfish ideas out of the way so that God is free to accomplish His will. This is a book that can provide new insights every time I read it. Without reservation, I recommend it to all seekers of God’s heart.

Margaret Everett
Orlando, Florida