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Marty Delmon

CONTACT:                                                                                           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

RPJ & Company, Inc.
Orlando, Florida
407-551-0734 / 407-617-3111

Christian Inspirational Trilogy Gives Power to Love, Believe and Receive

Orlando, FL – Publisher RPJ & Company, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Destined for Love, the third book in a three-part Christian inspirational series by author Marty Delmon. Destined for Love shows how it is possible to live in the love of God on a daily basis, cherish it like never before and share it with the world. The author sites countless scriptural examples as a virtual instruction book on how to fulfill “The Love Commandment.” By taking the charge from God, conducting it through the heart and transmitting it above and beyond, one can create a world Destined for Love.

Destined for Healing is the second in this series, and proves conclusively that Jesus gave his body and blood as a sacrifice for anything that steals life, damages or causes harm. The book demonstrates this truth in innumerable ways, reinforcing the fact that healing belongs to God's children. The reader learns that Jesus paid an enormous price to give the gift of healing, and that they can rise up and receive, honor the gift, reverence it and apply it to life.

“I'm presenting, to you, in this book, the fact that you don't have to obtain healing over and over again if you receive it in the first place as easily as you received your eternal life with God,” states author Marty Delmon in Destined for Healing. “The truth is: We hold healing in a state of unbelief.”

She tells the tale of her early days as a missionary - lacking money and health insurance - and how a cancerous mole developed on her hand. She methodically immersed herself in healing scriptures, learned to trust in the gift of healing, and after five days of “believing” it away, it was gone. She did not ask Jesus for healing, she merely used the power He had already provided. 

Destined for Success is the first in the three-part series. The book was originally conceived and published in French as Destinee a Reussir, and the astounding reaction to it and results gained by so many readers impelled the author to create an English version adapted to American ideals, misinformation and tradition.

Destined for Success shares the enlightenment the author experienced in France when struck by the bewildering and comprehensive lack of knowledge of the power of God. Through her extensive use of scriptural knowledge and inspiration, she painstakingly went about enriching the lives of many, showing them how to use the power of God to achieve success and wealth, how to nurture and understand it, and how to share that success and experience with others.

The book encompasses four primary sections; “Destined to Possess Riches,” “Money Belongs to God,” “The Abundant Life” and “Practicing 'Seed Faith Giving.'” Not only is the reader given an extensive walk through the successes and failures of the author in her quest, but the reasons why certain ideologies and traditions did or did not work.

"Religious thinking, through the centuries, has misinterpreted God's intention about money and His people having money.  Religious leaders meant well but when they added political thought and sociological impact to the Word of God, it misconstrued His message.  He wants us to have 'abundant life'; He wants us to have the wealth of the world; He simply does not want the wealth of the world to have us.  There is no indication in all of Scripture that would lead someone to believe poverty is a holy thing.  It's not.  It's a curse of the devil.  Ask anyone who is poor.  In the Grace of Jesus Christ, in the Salvation He brought, wealth plays a substantial part."

Throughout each book, the author employs forthright language and a bit of humor to make her points. For example, in Destined for Success, she uses Zig Ziglar’s phrase “stinkin' thinkin'” to illustrate the crushing mentality that anchors so many in poverty, and how those negative thoughts “stink in the nostrils of God.” She goes on to demonstrate how those afflicted with such thoughts must “go back to the beginning, make a new start and bring our thoughts into line with the thoughts of God.” In buttressing this theme - which applies to each of her three books - she quotes verse 11:24 of the Gospel According to Mark:

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

About the Author:

Marty Delmon answered her Christian missionary calling in France in the 1980s, fresh out of bible school and looking to share the illumination she had just received. She now shares her evangelical stories with more than 12 million listeners on 45 radio stations across the world and is the author of fourteen books, including fiction novels inspired by God as well as workshops on CD.

About RPJ & Company, Inc.:

RPJ & Company ( is a Christian publishing company that strives to publish quality products for every author. Its product line includes non-fiction, self-help, poetry, journals, devotionals and customized calendars. The company recently expanded its line of Christian publications to include children's books, and its products are marketed through major book sellers including, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Powell's Books and Target.