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  • "It is not every day that you meet such a beautiful, charming and talented young woman as Kathleen Schubitz. If the Lord blesses you and enables you to work with her, then you sh..."
    Jane Wittbold, Published Author
  • "Kathy, it has been such a pleasure working with you to prepare Abundant Comfort and Grace for publication. I have no doubt that God led me to find you to publish this book. His ..."
    Connie Arnold, Published Author
  • "Kathy Schubitz of RPJ & Company and I are acquainted through a mutual friend. She has always proved invaluable at her job as publisher and oftentimes has been a friend that has ..."
    Aileen Walther, Deacon & Author

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Amazing Grace: God's provision during widowhood

OUTSTANDING The book 'Amazing Grace' by Jane Wittbold is absolutely wonderful. It is a true testament to the miraculous provision of God. Reverend Wittbold's faith in God is an inspiration, making it possible to completely trust God through loss of a loved one and in any and all situations. If you ever had doubt, you won't again after reading this book. It is a must read!

Zoe Mac - 02 July 2011

A grace-filled story of God's love, faithfulness and provision when a loved one has perished or life takes a drastic turn. When there was nothing to stand on but God's word, she relied on the Lord to meet her every need, one day at a time. She shares her innermost thoughts and desires as she transitions from having a natural husband to a heavenly one. A timeless treasure for every bookshelf!

Kathleen Schubitz - 04 July 2011

When one experiences a tragic loss, he/she may not know what to think or what to do next or how to pick up the pieces and keep on living. Has anyone else experienced what I have experienced and successfully moved on? How long did it take? What are the steps? How do you handle the feelings and the loss? Is there someone I can talk with who can share his/her experience in hopes that it will help me? Jane Wittbold experienced the loss of her husband. She does just that: She shares her experience, what she was feeling and thinking, the steps she took, and how she was able to successfully continue living and move on. She also shares the one key underlying current that cemented everything together and enabled her to move toward a bright and peaceful future. For that, you'll have to read the book. Jane wrote about her experience as a widow, but the scope of this book is much broader. It is for anyone who has lost a loved one and has been left bewildered and with a big hole in his/her heart. If you haven't lost a loved one yet, it will help prepare you for when you do in the future. Finally, there is a great checklist in the back of the book that will guide you, as an executor, through key items in handling your loved one's affairs.

Beaver - 19 August 2011